Supposedly I Now Know What I'm Doing

Welcome to my first ever blog. Let me make you aware of two things: 1) technology and I are not friends (although I pretend we are) and 2) it took me 4 different attempts to log into blogger to write this. Actually I have been asking my husband for the past two years to set up this blog because as I said before, "technology and I are not friends." I figure 4 failed logon attempts in 2 years isn't too shabby.

Being that I am not a fan of technology why in the world would I want to start a blog? Believe it or not, I have been thinking about beginning a new career. One that involves me opening a yarn store. I am fairly sure that the experiece will most likely find me wandering around my neighborhood in the middle of the night in my pajama's talking to myself saying "have you seen my yarn?", but I am hoping that some of you out there will help keep this from happening.

So, if by some miracle you stumble onto my site, please let me know, "where can I find a list of yarn suppliers and what are some of your favorite yarns."

Signing off for now...clueless.